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  • Hi everybody!

    Some time ago i've created an online updater. It update my game when I upload a new release on DroBox. So, now i've simulated this scene and want to share this idea with you.

    If this example already have on forum, please, delete this topic. But i've tried to find topics like that and i've found nothing =)[/code:t9xobt2w]
    So, if somethink is unclear - i'll ansewerer all your questions =)
    I've made this example for Russian website, too. Thats why, there are Russian words.
    In main example - "????????..." means "Downloading..."
    And in release "?? ??????? ??????????" means "You have successfully updated"
    You can download the example [url=]here[/url]
    And [youtube video="9iH_DyT7QhE"] there is a video-tutorial about this example, but only on Russian language...
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  • Hi, video tutorial, even if I don't understand it looks great, keep up the good work!

  • Sounds very useful! I'm not in a place where I test it right now, but good work

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