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  • SourceForge now hosts MediaWiki for projects so I think it would be a good idea to port our Wiki to it. The old one is difficult to configure and on a different server so it makes sense!

    SourceForge Construct Wiki

    Anonymous edits are blocked on the SourceForge Wiki; if you sign up you should be able to make edits. I think you need a SourceForge account. If anyone runs in to problems let me know.

    Todo list:

    The Wiki has just been started and I've only put the main page up. We need to basically copy-paste all the old articles to the new Wiki. Edit: done automatically! Images need to be reuploaded and there might be a few broken links too, just some tweaking.

    I'm mad busy so if anyone feels like making a start, that would be great! Then we can get things rolling on the Wiki again. It's a great way for everyone to contribute to the project, because a lot of us developers are fairly busy as it is so it's a big timesaver.

    Thanks! Hope this one works out better.

  • YAY!!!! now i can finish what i started!!!


    aww... i can't edit the community portal or current events...

    edit 2*

    i can't edit anything? it says you need to be "admin"... my username is piman314

  • Same problem here; it says only admins can edit.

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  • Bah, OK I'll see what's wrong with the config. Documentation is sketchy because it's a new SourceForge service, but hopefully I can have it fixed tomorrow...

  • kk... ill check back tomorrow and get started!!! but right now, im goin to bed (in case all you pplz are from somewhere else, its like 9:30 here and i got a long day tomorrow, and then i have a long night of wiki editing!! )

  • Both of you should be approved for wiki edits now - it seems I have to manually approve signups at the moment.

    I've managed to import all the old pages automatically! Just a few broken links and images to upload - much easier!

  • I've signed up; same user name. Make me an "editor", pretty please with grated cheese on top?

  • Done. Thanks for your work so far guys, it's a massive help

  • Are there any speed improvements? The old one was hosted by a user if I'm not mistaken, and I'm just wondering if a larger host would have better bandwidth than the last guy.

    Other than that, I hope to learn more about Construct in the future to help with documentation. Right now my only suggestion is a template or tutorial page that shows good tutorials. I know someone already said they would rather keep tutorials on the forums and documentation on the wiki, but some basic tutorials would fit nicely in the wiki environment.

    Just my two cents.

  • SourceForge should be a reliable host - they've hosted our release files with unlimited bandwidth and good download speeds forever. There's also a new getting started page and the Tutorials page is well-mentioned - but we only have one tutorial (in two formats) at the moment.

  • I certainly have more than a few things I'd be interested in writing about -- especially in the realm of custom platform movement and how to get maximum accuracy out of timedelta.

  • Sign up to the Wiki and I can then assign you Editor!

  • Oh, had to make a sourceforge account, missed that part at first. User name is "KayinN"

  • You're now editored!

  • make me editor plz - faggatron

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