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  • Hello guys/girls!

    This is my own example that shows how to create moving platforms that makes your character rides on it. This is the link where you can download my "BAD" example and check it:

    Well, check it and I'm waiting for your opinions and conclusions. Forgive me for my VERY BAD ENGLISH. I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina hahaha.



  • If you're going to manually move your platform objects you should check out the TimeDelta article on the wiki

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  • Do you anderstand how does the platforms do to move?. I'd like that a behaviour called "Path movement" exists (Like in "Multimedia Fusion, The Games Factory, Klik & Play, Game Maker, etc.) It would make it more easy (The platform would move by following "Path Lines")

    Do you anderstand my little bAD EXAMPLE?

  • Yes, I understand it.

    You're moving your platforms manually, which means they may perform differently with slower/faster monitor refresh rates. In other words, you're doing it wrong

    The way you fix it is to use TimeDelta (which helps you maintain the proper speed on different computers), or use a behavior such as Bullet.

    Also, you have multiple detectors to bounce your platforms, and you're using a private variable to toggle their direction. You don't need to...

    Take a look at my Platform School tutorials for an example of how to make moving platforms in a more efficient and accurate manner, that requires fewer objects, events, and variables, and will run at a constant speed regardless of refresh rate. Moving platforms are covered in Lesson 4, but you might want to take lessons 1-3 first.

    As for Path movement, I believe there is a path object in the works that will be released in the future.

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