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  • Mode 7 examples using a few simple events. for Help/Tech topic.

  • Mode 7 examples using a few simple events. for Help/Tech topic.

    great work once again.

    I only have one question for you, can you please put some comment in there to explaining what going on there?

  • That mario cart thing is impressive. I'm blown away by this stuff!

    can you please put some comment in there to explaining what going on there?

    A few short comments would be helpful for us mortals.

  • i advise setting the opacity of the layer map to 100% to see whats going on behind the scenes.

    [quote:tt3sxtvy] - Distort map is being set

    • all points in the 2D world map "RED family" (to view it set the layer called maps opacity to 100% or wtv) have their distance to the camer "C" calculated

    -same as before except angle this time

    -STILL DEALING WITH THE 2D MAP TO GET COORDS FOR 3D a little bit of trig to find the displacement in the X axis this point encounters when rotated from the cameras viewangle. what it does is uses the points angle value, then subtracts the angle of C (which is the camera) from the angle value. this rotates the point so basically its returning a value as if that were rotating the world around the camera instead of the camera in the world. the information were given is how far from the camera in the x axis of the 2d world this specific point is from the camera ONCE the view is rotated around the camera.

    -same as before except for Y axis in the 2D world.

    -here we get into 3D stuff, "3DP","3DP2","Blue" are all objects to be used for 3d. theyre part of a container with a specific 2D world point object matching up to them. the stuff being done in all the following actions all do the same things.

    firstly they map the y displacment value found in the 2d map to the X axis in the 3d world, 320 is added because it is the screen center. and we want the value to act from the screen center since this is the cameras focal point etc.

    for the z elevation, we map the x displacement value from the 2d map as the Z axis in the 3d world. it is multiplied by -1 because a z elevation is positive when things are closer and negative when farther, unlike how X axis in 2d world is negative when closer(behind) and positive when farther(in front). 500 is added because 500 is where the 3d camera is located and if we didnt add 500, the view would be showing us what the cameras suposed to show 500 points ahead of where it should be since constructs camera is at 500 and not 0 in terms of z elevation.

    the set y to 500 is simply controlling the camera height in the 3D world. by shifting the Y position of the 3d points.

    the following events/actions select a P object, P being those which are at the corners of the 2Dmap and mapping the terrain quads corners using mesh displacement to the 3D points corresponding to the 2D points.

    thats all there is to it really

    the other events are simple to figure out, and pertain to camera control, rotation using animation frames, and the AI drivers path following.

    the rotation works by getting the difference between the angle of the camera object, and the character sprite's 2D points angle. and selecting a frame of the animation corresponding to the correct rotation angle relative to the cameras view of said object.

    the order of the frames in the animation is extremely important.

    i was gonna put this in the file but i wrote it all in a single comment so ill just post it here.

    it explains the mario kart game one, in order of the events of the MODE 7 STUFF group

    then it kinda goes into no organization and explains the other not-really mode 7 stuff.

    making collisions movement and such work which i didnt do in this, basically means simply doing what youd do for a top down 2D game in the 2D map. im even simply using the racecar behaviour to control the player character in this!

  • This is really sweet. Good job

  • Fucking a! Super Mario Kart was the best kart racing game - EVER. Nicely done, dude.

  • *Bows respectfully*

    Outstanding, Quazi! A lot of people have been wishing for Mode7 effects and you've shown that it is very much possible. I wonder if we'll see more examples from other people based off of your .cap in the future?

  • great (as usual), but I couldn't understand a thing (as usual ) i think I should stick to making bouncing balls.

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  • you are god! XD this is that i need! is very impressive!

  • This is awesome! Excellent job!!!

  • Sweet, simply sweet, gotta love it good job Quazi

  • That's amazing. I can't believe you did it with so few events!

  • tutorial Y/N

    i was thinking this would be a good way to introduce Distort Maps to people in a tut and would provide a useful standalone tutorial in and of itself.

  • Yes. A short tutorial showing a really simple example working up to the .cap you posted would be great.

  • i even have 3 extra actions added optionally of course, for camera tilt angle. and some height stuff.

    ill explain everything in depth as with my other tutorial, so anyone with basic knowledge of construct can make and understand what they're doing and why. eek i hope you guys dont mind if i use mario kart graphics for the sprite blitting portion im too lazy to draw 16 directions.

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