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  • This is just to demonstrate the menu I had in mind for my game. A prototype, or a rough draft, if you will.

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  • Maybe it's just my computer, but the controls lock if you try to go below "abilities"...

  • Maybe it's just my computer, but the controls lock if you try to go below "abilities"...

    Same here

  • Actually, I hadn't programmed it that far, if you check the events. ^^ Being a total n00b, and looking at the Uploads board made me more aware of that than anything, merely making a selector thing was an amazing feat in and of itself for me.

    And moreover, having it actually MOVE to a new item instead of instantly appear over it, and change SIZES at that was nothing short of impossible for my talent. So it's not supposed to be going much more than that.

    I imagine I'll have to make more variables and events to handle selecting items and having options expand downward and such. I looked at some more files in this board, and... I have NO idea how to properly utilize Functions and whatnot. Looks complicated as hell. ;_;

    So right now, I have a pause menu that you can highlight options with using a spiffy and nice-looking effect, but beyond opening up options and selecting stuff and DOING things, I doubt I'll get that far.

    Although I made some progress today in that... if you highlight "Character" and press up, it sets the value to 3, and likewise, pressing up on "Abilities" sets the value to 0, and to my amazement, the highlighter moves and resizes appropriately for that. ^^ So that was neat.

    So no worries, it doesn't go beyond that for this prototype. Considering how I've been coding this, it'd take another half hour or more to do the other selections. @;

  • Ah, I see. Probably should have looked through the .cap, first...

  • You can check out how to use functions here: ... ion_Object

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