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  • I've made object using Construct 0.96.4 SDK. Please take a look at it and give feedback (does it work? or maybe doesn't?) . If everything goes smoothly, I'd provide some tutorials on writing own objects soon.

    To install this object you have to extract it to Plugins directory of Construct.

  • Um... how does it work?

    I don't see any Conditions or Actions for it.

  • There's only Expression (Get MD5 String & Get MD5 File) since there's no use for Actions (can't output anything) and Conditions (Well, maybe "if error" in future).

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  • Congrats! Our first third party plugin

    How did you find using the SDK? Any particular problems?

  • Even though I'm not familiar with C++, most of it was easy to understand. But aside of this I couldn't get a clear idea on how the serialization is done here. At RunTime object creation there was something about deserializing "Version" and "MyValue". I don't know why and how to understand this .

    It would be nice if you could make Template Object which'd have:

    -> two Properties for EditTime and two Properties for RunTime object (to show how to serialize and deserialize it)

    -> allocation of some memory block on Creation of Runtime Object and freeing it at the end (to show where to put such code to avoid memory leaks etc)

    There were much more things that Template Object couldn't show how to solve, I'll try to list it later.

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