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  • I'm still trying to get the animations to work, but here's what's done. Layout 4 has all of the actual game stuff. I thought I would get feedback on the look of the character (body template) and hope for assistance with the animations.

  • Since the house is wiewed top-down the character should be too. Not a pixel master, and i can't make anything now since the newest version of construct doesn't allow me to use the picture editor, but that's a hint. Just use one top-down animation and let the character turn buy itself. Also, you should set accelerate and decelerate to max.

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  • Thanks, Instance. The animations need fixing now, though, so there's work to be done. Thanks for for showing me what needs to be done. Cheers!

    Also, Attan, the 3D box is temporary. I don't want a top-down character. Thanks, anyway.

  • You might want to make the house at more of an angle then. Try to get it to match with the character. Look at screen shots from the game "Earthbound" and I think you'll good idea of the angle you need for the buildings. Right now it looks as though the character is prone on the ground and crawling, but you can easily fix that by putting the buildings at the correct viewing angle.

    Edit: Here, just to save you some time:

    <img src="">

    Also huge image of a town from Earthbound composed of many screen shots:

    Anyway, try to make the buildings at that sort of angle/perspective. Make them more upright and taller. Make it so you can see more of the front side of the building rather than mostly seeing the top. Something along the lines of what I just posted would look best for the type of sprites you're using now.

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