'Make a enter name screen' 24 hour competition

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  • Competition is simple:

    Make an 'enter your name' game, but as epic as possible!

    Lots of games just have an edit box where you type in your name, but I remember older games like 'Die Hard Trilogy' were more creative. Die Hard gave you a circle filled with people to shoot, and each time you shot them they dropped a letter...or something...

    Also Millhouse once said in an episode of The Simpsons 'Man this game is so awesome! Im still entering my name! THRILLHOUSE!'.

    Lets make this a reality. How people enter their names can be up to you....

    As an example I made a simple little 'shoot the letters with a flying chainsaw spawned out of your metal body' example...and I stuck a plasma object in there to make it pretty.

    <img src="http://img136.imageshack.us/img136/3543/entername.png">

    Winner will be judged by originality and epicness and weather it makes us laugh

    Prize is a date with Rich

    Also its 24 hour coz when I posted this people were doing a different 45 min competition, and i think 45 min is a bit short as people who arn't online at the time miss out...I give 24 hours coz I'm tired

  • Not quite a game, but it is what I would call epic.

    Escape to exit.


  • Cruising USA's name screen (3 letters) was cool I remember.

    Also, Afterburner.

    Can't think of anything original right now though.

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  • Well its been 24 hours...only one entry...as I am admin i am not eledgible...therefore

    newt wins a date with Rich yay give it up for newt!

  • Wut?

    Geez I didn't read that part, oh well. Rich I hope you don't mind but we're going to raffle that date off and donate the proceeds to the project.

  • Too late. Now we want to see you spoon!

  • won by default.. congratz

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