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  • i finnaly started making my game and i have some problems with construct

    1. problem - Linear sampling couse texture flickering - but not a big issue becouse Point sampling works fine for my project - but still a bug.

    2. problem - Selecting and moving many objects (in layout editor) to other place makes each object shift a few pixels to any direction.

    managed to do simple "engine", so player is in front of "bright wall", and behind "dark wall".

    I used simple For Each and overlapse conditions for player Zordering and they work fine, but problem is when you get to the corners - where bright and dark walls occupy same place on screen - player sprite goes allways behind dark wall, and have no idea what to do with that.

    hold RMB to move screen


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  • If you find bugs, please report them on the tracker.

  • i just send Linear sampling to the tracker

    but i'm nut sure about 2nd problem "Selecting and moving many objects..."

    Becouse on my pc at work it's just fine. what i can think of is windows (xp at work, vista at home) or graphic card.

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