Inverse kinematic walker (run walker run!)

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  • Well this is a little thing ive been working on lately, it uses my 2point IK solver, and bezier curves to create a pretty interesting result. this is the main way me and davios new zombie game will be animated.

    its pretty customizable and gives me alot of oppurtunity, it lets me create walking animations based on the terrain, rather than boring old preset animations.

    theres a few controls you need to know.

    holding space pauses the walk sequence

    right click and drag to drag bezier points and root bones

    left click and drag to use a measuring tool

    roll the mouse wheel over a bone to lengthen/shorten said bone

    roll the mouse wheel while not on a bone to speed up/ slow down the animation.

    hold the mouse wheel to make a useless box.

  • Wow :O That's amazing! Very realistic... that would make an amazing game.

  • That is... awesome... but a staggering amount of complexity... head exploding!

  • this is brilliant. absolutly fenomenal! just so complex ><' plugin would be nice

  • [quote:cdu3v6zm]walking animations based on the terrain

    Heh I never thought of it like that but your right. you could potentially design it so theres two objects for the 'feet' and foot one moves, then foot two move, and the torso gets positioned between the two feet etc. The IK calculates the legs respectively, and your got a pretty damn awesome walk animation where going up steps and slopes looks completely natural (rather than players feet being over the edge).

    Man the possibilities :O

  • that would make an amazing game.

    This game is going to be amazing

  • [quote:cjprxdbu]walking animations based on the terrain

    Heh I never thought of it like that but your right...

    Man the possibilities :O

    You just now thought of this? That's what he's been aiming for the whole time, man!

  • That's amazing, although I can't even begin to understand the maths behind it! I can't wait to see this in action on a proper game, it'd look cool to see the walking be affected by terrain, you don't see that in many 2D games.

  • it'd definitely be interesting to see this effect in a real world example. For a game like Out of this World IK could help a lot to make the movements more natural.

    It looks really complex in the event sheet though

  • the events arent that comlipacted really, the most complicated stuff has to do with the canvas and not the walker itself. the only things that are needed are events relating to the objects (root,a,b,end,) and the ones involving end + p1,p2,p3,p4.

  • I love it! this is just the kinda thing i was thinking about in my ik posts. i never thought to use beziers to control the walking animation itself. that's pretty clever. procedurally generated animation through bones, though. so exciting, to see it done already, in construct, lets me know i'm not going down a hopeless road. you rock quazi

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  • someone make plugin plizzz ;>

  • Really cool!! Can�t wait to see more stuff.

  • thanks for all the positive comments guys!

    im working on making this guy walk now.

  • I'm going to run out of heads if you keep blowing them up like this Quazi...


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