INI Level Loader for SuperV

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  • Here is a INI Level Loader example for the topic here:

    Just download the .cap and open notepad and paste this

    Type = Sprite1
    X = 3
    Y = 5
    Type = Sprite2
    X = 6
    Y = 7[/code:3ck5mt56]
    Save the notepad file as Level1.ini inside the same folder as the .cap and run =)
    EDIT: Replaced the file with a shorter name, for some reason the file seemed to crash alot with the old name (IniLevelLoader)
    EDIT 2: Here is an advanced version of the loader -> [url][/url]
    EDIT 3: Here's the editor for the advanced loader -> [url][/url]
  • Thanks!

    Looking at it now, you've been very gentle

  • I hope it does what you need ^^ If not then I made a few changes so it can also support loading the objects width, height and rotation and I can upload it too.

  • Very useful! I got it

    Upload the other one, it can be useful!

  • Ok, but you also need to change the Ini file to this (however, the old .cap will ignore the extra commands and also still work with it)

    Type = Sprite1
    X = 100
    Y = 100
    Width = 64
    Height = 64
    Rot = 0
    Type = Sprite2
    X = 102
    Y = 102
    Width = 32
    Height = 32
    Rot = 45[/code:3ry4usxp]
  • Maybe I'm asking too much now... But is it possible to make a level editor that saves to a INI?

  • Yep, ill make another example, dont worry about asking because this is how the community gets better games and Construct gets noticed Although, I might not get it done tonight.

  • Thank you!!!

    You are so friendly

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  • No problem SuperV glad to help.

    Ok I have created the level editor, it works well but has no layering (red objects are always on top of the black objects when saved/loaded). It is easy to do this by adding and saving another value ("Z") to the INI file but then you would need to also edit the level loader. If you need this then I can do it, but you probably know how to do it now

    Hope it helps

  • Awesome! Mind if I use an heavily-modified version of that for my game?

  • Not at all! It will be cool to see what you make of it

    This is open source so anybody can use it if they want to as well.

  • Pretty impressive!

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