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  • You may or may not have noticed that in layer properties theres a field for 'inherrit layer'. If you tick this it means that layer will be given all the objects on that layer as well. This is an IDE side thing only, and was implimented originally so if you have like 20 levels in your game, and each level has a layer which contains the health, score, current weapon, etc, you could make a separate layout called 'scraps' or something, and make all the levels inherrit various layers from 'scraps' which are common between all the levels.

    Anyway, this example demonstrate how you can exploit this feature to make a parralaxing screen

  • That looks pretty cool! Would definatly save the number of objects visible in the editor during editing and make levels more consistant (GUI always in the same place, etc).

  • I was wondering what the hell that did... I played with it once and I couldn't figure it out lol.


  • This seems a great way to simplify the UI across levels, as well as duplicate backgrounds!

    However, I don't think this is any good for paralaxing because anything and everything you add is also added to the next inherited layer, which is just a darker clone.

    I would think it is best to just make your layers and detail them how you want, then hide them to continue working in the main layer.

    Upon reading the above again, I think I nailed the "that's obvious" parts. Hrm, ah well!

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  • Whoa, this is sweet. I mean, the parallax thing is sweet too, but the UI thing is sweet. I just tested it out with a little "Include event sheet" action and my eyes popped out. You can have a whole other layout running in your layout without the Layout object

    It's like we're getting a new feature in between builds! Keep 'em coming, what else haven't you told us?

  • LOL yeah I had a bad habbit of beginning to add features and not finish them off properly or document them....heres another one though..

    Make a new folder in your Construct directory (C:\Program Files\Scirra\Construct) called 'Images' (the installer was ment to do this part but didn't heh...u only need to do this once)

    Now in the animation bar, go to an animation and right click and select 'launch explorer'. A folder will open containing all the png files of that animation which construct has exported. You can then drag and drop these into another image editor like photoshop or something, edit them, and hit save. When you are done switch back to construct and there will be a message box saying 'Click ok to reimport the images that have been exported to explorer'. Click the ok button and the changes should appear.

    However this feature was somewhat incomplete because it doesn't allow you to modify hotspots, or add additional that was a work in progress.....think it's a worthy feature or should I remove it ?

  • I say keep it. Anything that adds functionality to the animator is good.

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