inherited layer not obeying any zoom rate?

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  • Hi.

    I'm experiencing some weirdness in my first attempt to use layer inheritance.

    Here's an example .cap file.

    First layout has "inh" layer with an object (I had to make it global so it would show up in the other layout). Zoom rate is set to 0. Only one event that jumps to second layout right away.

    Second layout has two layers with default names. Layer 1 with crosses at edges, zoom rate to 100%, Layer 2 with zoom rate to 0% and inheritance to "inh". There's an "always" event that modifies Display Zoom. The demo shows both layers moving equally, even though Layer 2 has zoom rate set to 0% in both the local layer properties and the inherited properties.

    Is this correct behavior? if so, how should I implement proper inherited UI? any working examples of that?

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