Ik chain example

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  • this is a new and improved IK that i invented, its 100% accurate and will not cause any slowdown, since it runs incredibly fast

    my average 1.8 dual core can handle 370 chains without dipping below 60 fps, thats fast.

    this chain can also handle any length of arm, in any combination, it cannot glitch.

    the arm itself is very simple to setup and requires only 8 actions and 4 events to function 100% normally (2 of the events only require 1 action, and 1 of them requires 2, the other contains 4)

    in my cap i added alot of extra bells and whistles, but the simplicity of the chain can be seen in the IK arm group, the canvas is obviously not needed.

    here it is

  • Really nice example, good job Would really suit a robotic enemy in a platform game.

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  • cool

  • Those IK chains look so useful that I'd like to see the calculations built in in math :D The calculations are just solving a triangle, right?

  • yes pretty much, and some extra things so that it never returns a 3rd side londer than the sum of the other sides, and never returns a 3rd side shorter than the longest of the 2nd sides minus the other non 3rd side. also, you have to factor in that the solving formula gives you angles in terms of relativity to other sides, so youll get 60 with a triangle with = sides, instead of getting 60,120 and 180.

    i think construct should have a triangle solving function, like it has for lerp, qarp, and Cubic

    something like SidesTri(a,b,c,X) (one for when you have all sides) and one like AngleTri(A,B,C,x)

    abc are the input values (known side lengths, or known angles) and x is the value you want to know (A,B or C, which will return to you said angle/side depending on what formula you used)

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