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  • Hi all,

    I am a complete noob to construct and these forums so apologies if I am doing anything wrong or stupid, I tried creating a game in one hour and came up with the following before time ran out. Since then have spent ages trying to get the score to display variable 1, the debug shows that the variable is changing as expected but I cannot figure out how to display it on screen, someone please help.


  • Add this action under always or something:

    -> Text: Set text to Text.Value('Variable 1')

    Current text and private variable you are adding to are two different things.

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  • Many thanks to Porlo for providing me with the answer, and to everyone else who took the time and trouble to look at my post. No comments on the game so I will provide some myself, on the minus side, no splash screen no game over screen and no way to die during game, on the plus side the main character sprite needs no animation at all yet still looks ok whichever direction he/it is moving in, and by using a sprite of all on colour it can easily be resized to provide walls floors and cieling/platforms very quickly and easily.



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