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  • Hi guys. I found a inventory .cap file. It's cool but there is some problems wich i hope you will help me to solved.

    1. If you take all the objects, they will be stacked on one another and the whole system works only if these items will "droped" one time.

    2. Can you help me make a "number of objects of type". This means that similar objects will be stored in a heap.

    3. And will be fine if you can make inventory like in Minecraft.

    When you clicked on object, it will follow cursor, when you left click on other object, it will take clicked object. On right click that will substract from heap 1 object.

    I know that's looks like "MAKE A GAME FOR ME PLEASE", but inventory is the most necessary thing in game and it must be perfect.

    btw, you can see my project here ;)

    Sorry for my bad english :c

    .cap file

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  • Ahah)) This is my inventory)))

    But I've told you yet on Russian site:

    This inventory is not thought to such things. For this operation should use another example of the inventory. What many on this site.

    Look at this:

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