Help a dawg out! (Sprite sticking problem)

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    Sorry if this has come up before (I've searched the forums and came up blank) but, well, when I was a wee lad messing about in TGF all those years ago I encountered a problem importing graphics from paint, in that no matter what I did, the sprite seemed to always spaz about randomly from frame to frame. I always knew it was because of the hotspots but I could never figure out a good workflow for getting this sorted. Being 13, I eventually gave up and went outside instead.

    So, been fiddling with construct, and started having the exact same problem. So, um, help! I'm trying to import a Mario sprite with the goal being to build a simple engine and then just go a bit nuts with it figuring out all the new dx9 effects. I've got a spritesheet I got off the interweb, and I've been trying to copy/paste from Paint into Construct. I've assigned the platform behavior to mario but haven't changed any variables.

    Mario falls onto the test platform fine. Then, when I move, he'll either spaz through the frames really really quickly then just go to the first frame and get stuck. I've checked that the animations looping - it is. If I jump (I haven't put in the jumping animation yet) he'll spaz wildly in the air, doing all the walking frames, and when he lands just go back to being stuck in whatever frame he landed in. Also, stopping moving doesn't return him to the standing animation.

    So, construct genius-types, When it comes to importing sprites, whats your workflow? I noticed that there is an import feature that cuts up a big sheet, but I always seem to slice up my sheet. Is there any set way to organise the sprites in here perhaps? Or if I'm copy-pasting, how do you prevent the hotspot screwing everything up? If anyone could paste like a step-by-step guide I'll be especially thankful and send hugs and kisses and maybe my mum if your interested.


  • Animation is a little tricky in Construct when it comes to swapping between animation sequences.

    Firstly, you need to event each animation like so;

    +Press Button
    -Set Animation to "Jump"
    -Set animation frame to "1"
    -Start Animation
    +Jump animation is finished
    +Player is not jumping
    +Player is not walking
    -Set Animation to "Standing there scratching arse"
    -Set animation frame to "1"
    -Start Animation
    I highly recommend looking at Deadeye's "Platform School" as it covers the whole animation thing. You can find it [url=]HERE.[/url]
    In regards to hotspots, if using the central point of the sprite doesn't seem to cut it, I usually set the hotspot to a "common point" on the sprite, like a belt buckle, or nestled in between the female heroine's breasts. Not only can this be fun, it also works all the time mostly.
    Lastly, if you want some place to host files, [url=]GET DROP BOX[/url] you'll love it. Best thing evar. EVAR!
    P.S. Welcome to the boards... I haven't seen you around before, so this counts as a welcome even though you've already been here for awhile xD
  • You shouldn't need to set the animation frame to 1, unless it's been paused .

  • Actually you don't need any of those events in this case... you could just use tagged animations with a little tweak as described here:

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  • *drops to the floor, shaking and foaming at the mouth*

    Why do you keep bumping old threads with irrelevant posts?

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