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  • The starting situation is as attached in the .cap

    After the layout build up,

    i would like to move yellow arrows down,

    when they are out of screen,

    i would like to move the blue arrows up,

    when they are out of screen,

    i would like to move green arrows to the left,

    when they are out of screen,

    i would like to move the purple arrows to the right

    plz teach me how, ty

  • Here's how to do it. The key is the comparison:

    CountMatching("Object") = Object.Count

    This means all of 'Object' met the conditions, so:

    + Object NOT on screen

    + CountMatching("Object") = Object.Count

    means 'None of Object are on screen'.

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  • I have no idea where you find the time to do als this.

    But that was offtopic.

    So.. About 'the first help post"

    That countmach trick is COOL !

    But i have a question/remark to add.

    You did the "instance picking" based on there names, wich i knew was easy. But if i add a destroy thingie, "based on there names" compared with "if they are out of screen/layout", it will destroy the original objects too ? And i cant recreate instances from the orginal objects ne more ?

    Im not sure if i understand the general use of "the comparisation". Does it keep "the executor", i mean the "virtual japanees that does all the things" closed up in the event till the comparisation is met ? It acts as "do this action till my comparing returns fals" ?

    Its a loop ? Cant you point me to other usefull "if then loops" and "when then loops" that i missed so far? plz ! ?

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