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  • Commented version with multiple levels, intro and game end layouts. Music and sound effects are included in the download - it's a zip, so extract all to the same directory before running. The .cap is 610kb, so it won't fit in the upload section. Basically helps understand some of the cool features demonstrated in the built-in Ghostshooter template.

    total size is 1.06 MB

    This was actually my first Construct project, I'd do a LOT of things differently now, but I think this might help somebody.

    Also, buttons are a little buggy, trying to figure those out. Click the text fields to run the game instead.

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  • I really want, see your project because costruct is only way to make good game without bodering to program first game and be concerned more on game design.

    I sorry to tell you that I can not download the zip file form the file houst web site. A loot of files can not be dowloaded because file housts sites.

    Cool game and tutorials too. I will be happy if we will find a loot more good tutorials to learn costruct more easy and make good games fast.

    (excuse my english if i have made some typing or gramar mistakes)

  • Yep, I couldn't find anything at that link either. Maybe you are in the middle of reposting?

    p.s. You should use or dropbox they are way better than mediafire. I switched to

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