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The I18N (Translation) is a Construct plugin created to translate text in game.
  • I didn't know where to post this so I thought "Uploads" was the best place to do it :

    This afternoon I decided to translate into French what is stored in the languages directory. Maybe nobody will ever use this but if some frenchmen feel lost in Construct it could help them.

    I translated every file except SystemObject.txt because French words are too long I think (for instance "set" is very hard to translate in this case) , moreover most of the terms used in this file are well known by programmers all over the world.

    Then, many words aren't listed in those files, consequently using this translation will result in a Frenglish version of Construct .

    Do not except something perfect, it's not. It can actually help people to start.

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  • Good idea, ShadF--I'm sure this will come in handy for French-speaking devs. Very considerate of you.

  • I will use it!

    Good work! I'm a new Construct user + I'm French, so, thank you very much!

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