My first TDS AI

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  • Hello all

    it been a while that i am using construct and this is my first AI attempt,im really happy about it because it work well.So test it and tell me what you are thinking.And help me to improve it.

    Here is the know problem

    .Blod not under player

    .AI have trouble pathfinding around wall

    .when you die, somthing weird happen

    Run on the latest construct Version

    Edit:You are the black guy, Control is W,A,S,D and Left Mouse Button to fire

    ReEdit=reuploaded the cap without sound(maybe crash construct)


  • Hmm opening this crashes construct for me. v0.99.84

  • try again, maybe with no sound it is not going to crash...

  • Hmmm, nope still crashes, its most likely a problem on my end...

    Does it crash for you if you open it from your attachment?

    Are you using any plugins?

  • im not using any plugin and no it is not crashing when i ddl from the website

    i think someone else should download and see what happen...

  • No problems playing the demo.

    Not bad! I like how they don't just automatically seek your position out, but rather have to patrol and spot you first.

  • Ok, works fine on my home pc (was at work on laptop before). As Caspis said, i like how they don't automatically know your position, and they have to see you first, could create some interesting stealth gameplay.

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  • i was not looking for sealth ,but for realism ...

    i need to put more option and stuff like grenade, different weapon (powerup maybe, not sure about it)I was thinking about creating a RTS,TDS and RPG hybrid where you can control different troops,create building to get better soilder and upgrade them,use vehicule,create alliance with the AI,using money for buying car,building and troops to defeat the AI .so a 2d game do not need a lot of ressource then i could put a lof of Unit on the map to create massive war (1000 vs 1000 could be possible)An online feture would not be bad either ...

    Edit;with 10 000 AI i run at 20 FPS with 4gb of ram DDR3

  • How about making the AI alerted to your presence by hearing you fire your gun?

    You'll want it to be based on distance, of course. You don't want every enemy to know where you are just because you fired.

  • i need to create a sound wave, if you are in this wave you can ear the sound, if not you remain undetected

  • Simple but efficient !

    Keet it going

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