My first game using scirra

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  • Hello, everyone,

    This is my first post here, and first share.. So please excuse me if some of my first questions will seem to you guys a little too lame or to novice.

    Anyways. Recently I've started learning the all mighty constructor .

    So the question would be simple. How do I make gaps between shots longer?

    Big thanks for the answers in advance.

    p.s. I hope this place is not the wrong one to submit this kind of question...

  • Hey, not bad. I was playing it for about a minute before I realized it was based off of Ghost Shooter, so I give you two thumbs up! Congrats, you've managed to fool someone who's seen more Ghost Shooter redressings than you care to know about )

    p.s. I hope this place is not the wrong one to submit this kind of question...

    Do like so:

    <img src="">

    That will make the ships fire every half-second.

  • Oooo... So I just use sub event... kekeke.. Thanks, deadeye! I owe you one

    So I guess I'll just be going now and be learning about the explosions and stuff like that ooo lots of stuff to learn...

  • Yey... Me now knows, how to create a minimap

    Man.. This is Constructor is real phun!!!

  • Actually, Phun is phun...

  • This is Constructor


  • Davioware:

    deadeye: Yep, I know that one..

    Ohkay.. This is the 1.5 version the ghost shooter tutorial that I've done.. Although I believe, that I went some way from it already. So I guess I'll call it a space shooter

    Anyway, I hope this one's is a bit more interesting then the last version.

    P.s. explosion sprites are not mine, their rights belong to their rightful owners..

    P.s.s. I found them on ghooghle

  • Don't worry, you learn as you code, your project will be cleaner if you've learned anything from this one

  • Don't worry, first projects are never well organized. Just focus on learning everything you can, organization is not important at the beginner level.

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  • Nice, turrets are really cool and there is a feeling of big ship. Althought game is hard as Megaman 1

  • Looking good

  • Thanks guys for moral support, I'm glad you like my first doodles

    Boogeyman: I never played Megaman, But this little shooter of mine isn't all that hard.. It just needs some tactical approach.. you just need not to get too much agro no your self at once.. that's pretty much all

    mm.. I don't really know if this is not beginning to sound as inconvenience, But I hope this thread of mine isn't getting too much out of place in the upload section.. since I have lot's of questions that I couldn't find any answers for on the forum (or I just don't know exactly what to look for).

    Anyway I still have a couple of questions that I'm not able to find an answer my self yet:

    1. this is a simple one.. I've started tinkering in the physics of construct, and I just can't find the simpler way to make my object move forward. But not just apply force towrds x or y position. I want to set the ships angle by rotating it with arrow keys (applying torque), then make it move forwards along it's local axis. :/

    I know of a version, where I apply a force that makes my object move towards mouse X and Y position, but this kind of movement is not suitable for my needs. I need to let the mouse be free..

    2. The second question is harder (I think). I want to be able to drag and drop objects to a certain grid. Those object should not just be dropped, but snap to one or another section of the grid.. while I drag, or drop them..

    Mmm I don't know if I made my thoughts clear, but well.. Please help me understand what to do? Or maybe there is a thread that already showed the possible solutions to my problems?

  • emm.. ok skip the first question.. I've found the that my theory was correct about the possability to move the object towards the imagepoint.

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