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  • Hey Guys,

    I've been stuck in a rut working on my project, and I just thought I'd throw it up here to get some feedback on the shooting mechanic I've worked out, or any aspect of it really haha. None of my friends run Windows, so they can't play it, and I guess I just need some kind of feedback. Think it's cool, think it's crap? lemme know!

    check it out


    the event sheets might give some people's not the neatest work-style <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • It is an interesting and as far as I know, unique mechanic. I also like the style of the game itself, especially the background which is simple and clean yet stylish. Perhaps make it when you are shooting the target reticle stays still, rather than still moving slowly?

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  • Thanks Spacewarguy, I am really struggling with making it simple, but still interesting/worth looking at (lol), so I keep remaking the same little demo over and over w. different looks...trying to to find my own pixel/tech aesthetic...

    I added a little movement to the reticle while shooting because it sorta reminded me of Mario Sunshine? And I thought by tapping J/K you could sorta "scrub" areas...or better bombard moving enemies.

    Guess I should make some enemies/puzzles & see how that feels?

    Did you try the "lock"? Did that work okay for you??

    Thx again.

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