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  • This is a place for useful examples, engines, bug reports and any other .cap files that you wish to share.

    Please refrain from uploading compiled .exe files or other non-source related files. The 'Your Creations' forum is a better place for these.

  • Any other limitations? If I were to use this for future iterations of my development journal, each example set is getting near 5-10 megs or so. In the case I'm willing to share a full-blown demo with sounds and high quality graphics, is this the proper venue or shall I use an alternative host?

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  • If it's particularly large, I would use a third-party host regardless to save them bandwidth... even if only 10 people grab it

  • Perhaps the whole point of this forum is permanence, though. In which case, yeah.. small, isolated demos would be best here. No need to have my WIP stuff held on Scirra servers.

  • If it's going to be big, elsewhere is best. It accepts zip files, but don't upload anything over 500kb-1mb max.

  • Maybe post a another thread at the top and make it a sticky with the title telling people to use Mediafire or something for their large files.

    I like mediafire, it easy to use, you don;t have to sign up, no popups and it gives you the url to paste afterwrds.

  • I don't. Why does it have to 'process download request' for every file? If you type in, it doesn't have to 'process download request' and up to 30 seconds later let you start downloading... I guess they just make sure you have time to see the ads, which is fair enough since it's a free service Apart from that, tis a handy site. Wouldn't use it over my ISP's free FTP space though.

  • I've been using So whats the best one to use then...I know some automatically delete the file if they arn't downloading in more than 18 days etc...

  • I use web space on Google Pages, I just upload stuff and link it there. 100 MB space, which is more than enough for my needs. They have locked signups, though, as they're developing Google Sites, which will have more features.

    Should my creations gain in size in a way Google wouldn't satisfy me anymore, it would be time to get professional, heh.

  • [quote:2mun8u47]If you type in, it doesn't have to 'process download request' and up to 30 seconds later let you start downloading...

    Uh ... what are you talking about ?

  • Please don't bump threads which are several months old to ask what someone is talking about...

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