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  • This is a very simple, 10 step map editor I whipped up to demonstrate how to make one. It allows you to place two different types of bricks(easily expanded) and a spawn-point, and also save/load your maps and test them out in editor! <!-- s:) --><img src="SMILIES_PATH/icon_smile.gif" border="0" alt=":)" title="Smile"><!-- s:) -->


    LEFT CLICK - Place green brick

    RIGHT CLICK - Place red brick -- same functionally as green brick, but added for variety and to demonstrate creating objects by name.

    MIDDLE CLICK - Place a spawn-poin for your man to start at.

    SAVE BUTTON - Save your creation

    LOAD BUTTON - Load your creation

    TEST BUTTON - Test your creation

    CLEAR BUTTON - Clear the map of all bricks and spawn-points

    MAP NAME EDIT BOX - The box next to the clear button. Be sure to put in the filename of your map for loading and saving -- don't include file extension or path.

    Just a note, the man is simply controlled with the default platform controls, so that doesn't require explanation. Also, the CAP is fully commented, so it should be pretty easy to comprehend. Let me know what you all think. <!-- s:) --><img src="SMILIES_PATH/icon_smile.gif" border="0" alt=":)" title="Smile"><!-- s:) -->

    UPDATED 2/22/2013 - Added new link

    Map editor example

  • Very nice A great demonstration of looping in construct and good example overall!

  • Fantastic example. Well commented, and the for-each is a very elegant way to do the loading! Top stuff

  • Very educational. Excellent example, linkman

  • Thanks for the comments, everybody! Glad to see that everybody thinks it works well. I've been fleshing it out some, and it can now make maps of whatever size you want. I'll probably post that up at some point.

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  • Great and very useful examlple. Can you upload the version with variable map size?

  • Great and very useful examlple. Can you upload the version with variable map size?

    Thanks. Glad you liked it. That version actually evolved into the map editor in my game, which is actually far to complex and uncommented for an example. I'll modify the one posted here later and post it up.

  • Very good example. I always wanted to do a level editor for my project, but was way too lazy to get started. Maybe this will help.

  • Sounds like exactly what I need. But ummm.... I know im gonna get blasted for being a newb.... where is the file?

  • I had to descend to the depths of Hell and claw my way back out, but I managed to retrieve it:

    Map editor example

    I can't make any guarantees that it still works, but there it is.

    Here's a link to the old forum -- forum uploads didn't transfer when the forums changed, but you should be able to grab most of them there. For future reference, I'd suggest going going there before resurrecting 5 year old threads.

    I hope this helps you out. :)

  • Thanks alot for digging that up! It contained the info i needed. Dividing the cell by it's size to come up with an array location worked great. I was working on this problem all day till I checked out your cap.

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