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  • Here's what I've been working on, on and off when I've not been busy procrastinating! Just a crappy little thing to learn a thing or two. It actually started when I wanted to see if I could expand on my no-events starfield thing by scrolling randomly generated terrain from the one asteroid graphic... and expand it did... thanks must go to Deadeye for the challenge that made me continue with it at the beginning.. although in the end I lost

    Anyway, I got a bit bored with it and I guess I have been for a while as I've been aching to do a proper shooter... it's quite a mess I know but it was only an experiment for me

    I hope it shows what Construct is capable of and how easy it makes everything, to those new to Construct.

    I may return to it someday but for now... something else is a comin..!

    If you decide to play it... be warned... it's HARD

    Controls: Arrow keys to move.

    Instructions: The left number in the screenshot ("3") is the additive bonus score. This is added on to your total score (the number on the right ("22")) every second. The further to the right you have your ship, the higher the additive score.. but that can be dangerous

    <img src="">

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  • Wow you are right, it's bloody hard! You have the start of a really nice game here mate. Well done on the graphics! I would like to see more of this... kinda reminds me of the old "Aero Blasters" (or Air Busters depending where you live) as well as R-Type mixed in there. Both awesome games, and this reminds me of it so... SWEET!

    Add some shooting, a special bomb thing, and a boss at the end and you have a full tech demo.


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