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  • If you weren't aware, we're writing the official Construct documentation on the Wiki. If you would like to contribute, please read Editing the Wiki.

    Right now the biggest problem with Construct is the documentation. A lot of new people have turned up recently (which is great!) but there's very little official documentation for them to go on, so it's not surprising a lot of people run in to difficulties. It's also critical this is done before 1.0, which is coming up nearer every build.

    I'm steadily writing up parts of the documentation but it is very time consuming. The following articles need some tender care:

    Object list - see XAudio2 for ideal plugin documentation

    Complete documentation of the Interface and related pages; especially List of Dialogs

    See also: Wanted Pages

    I'm basically now going to concentrate on finishing the documentation, but it's a lot of work for me alone! If you know anything about any of the subjects that need writing about, please - do make a start - even if it's just a few sentences. It will help MASSIVELY if other people get involved as well.

    Personally I think this is so important for the project I'm stopping work on Construct to get this done. That means at best, minimal bug fixes and coding. I won't be back to coding 100% until I'm satisfied with the state of our documentation. That means you can help - the next builds will obviously come up faster and have more in them if we can get the documentation done ASAP. So please - do make edits to the Wiki. And thanks to everyone who contributes!

    Remember - if you want to help - read Editing the Wiki!

  • I'll get around to the wiki and help with whatever I've familiarized myself with, which is not much... but I do want to see Construct progress!

  • Thanks for posting this Ash. I was looking for articles I could add to the other day, it's nice to have a list that need work.

    Also, those people who are more familiar with Construct: Maybe you could work on the more advanced topics first. This will allow people who are only familiar with the basics to work on documenting the more basic features.

  • i think the problem is that alot of those things which dont have documentation are pretty self explanatory, so people dont feel like writing a somewhat useless page. you should bring the most enquired things to the top of the wanted list.

  • Even those simple things should have a list of Actions, Conditions and Expressions, all of which are viewable through Object Information within the Construct editor.

    Document everything!

    Edit: I've added the Box object, copy&pasting some stuff form other pages and altering them appropriately. Feel free to fix it if anything important is missing... but really, box object is that simple.

    I'll add more pages like that. They won't be feature rich, but at least it will be something.

  • Eevrything should still be documented. It's easy for us to assume something is self explanatory, but many of us are experienced in using Construct, and don't see something from a beginner's perspective. Also, all plugins definitely should be documented, because some people don't even know what the purpose of some plugins is.

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  • Oh, and thanks Mipey for the box object page, that's great

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