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  • Well, I figured I should post this up, especially after having some discussion with delta time and other issues (since right now it runs under constant 60 fps rather than V-Sync).

    What does this engine do?

    * Custom platform engine

    * Variable based motion customization

    * Double/triple/whatever Jumping and wall jumping (hold away from the service and press up)

    * Dashing and air dashing (which dash momentum) by double tapping forward on the ground or air

    * Back dashing! (press away twice in air or when crouching)

    * Attacks with the Z key! Standing, crouching and jumping! (With two more buttons worth of attakcs PLUS command normals being implented)

    * Buffers and chain combos as well as jump cancelable normals! (Air JCing doesn't work 100% yet)

    * Technically you can do QCFs and SRKs, but you won't hear the sound involved since it's not included. They don't do anything, but if you check the code you can see how it works.

    This is on the way to a metroidvania with fighting games mechanics. So.... I dunno, I'm open to any ideas to clean up the code or implement stuff like delta timing or whatever.

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    its pretty good, i just never understood how you could dash in the air

  • Nice engine. Runs pretty smooth. I hate pressing up to jump though, but it's an easy enough fix.

    Might I suggest a running attack? One that won't stop your momentum.

    Also, I get tearing on your background tiles with a fixed frame rate. When I turn V-Sync on it looks much nicer.

  • V-Sync introduces a lot of issues currently. Such as the frame rate dropping and attacks still moving at full speed. I'm planning to see how implement delta time, which would make V-Sync work fine.

    Dashing in the air isn't realistic, but neither is double jumping or even jumping 3 times your own height. BUT ITS CERTAINLY FUN! Anyways, a running attack might be a decent idea I'll definitely consider, though I have to consider how it'll interact with other moves.

  • The link is broken :( Does anyone have this file?

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  • I would also love to give this a try. Does anyone have the files?

  • is the correct URL.

    Though it's old, so keep that in mind and don't expect much.

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