Custom: 4 visual 8 vector movement

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  • I figured I'd share this because it took me quiet a few tries to accomplish. What this is, is a custom movement event sheet that has 4 visual directions (meaning the player only faces 4 directions) and 8 vector directions (meaning the player can move in 8 directions).

    My biggest battle with all of this was I kept running into 2 errors. 1 part my fault for doing weird things with the player angles and when to play certain anims or not. The other part however is a construct bug that I bypassed using private variables.

    Some of you may have run into this bug, some of you may not have. However the problem is that when you include an event sheet into another event sheet all the keyboard inputs that you put into the first event sheet do not work on the event sheet you included into.

    Any who, I just figured I'd share this in case anyone else was looking into putting together a game that is like this and was having problems. Right now the code is uncommented but eventually I'll fix that when I have more done. If you have any questions/comments/things I could do better or more efficiently please let me know.

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  • Best way for 4 way animation, but what if you want 8 way animation? I noticed that if you put in an event that checks if for example arrow up and left are pressed, it doesn't change the sprite unless you're standing still.

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