Custom "Sonic engine" WIP

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  • While working on Sonic Construct Worlds, I've been talking about the project with others over IRC, and they and I seem to agree that the engine is needlessly complex and perhaps would be better if done from scratch rather than a straight port from MMF2. Well, I tried my hand at creating a custom movement.

    It's nothing special at the moment, and I tried implementing the trace movement from Davo's example, but it is somehow wonky. I have no idea why, so I've deactivated it by default.

    Besides that, I'm trying to figure out how to not make the player bounce off the wall when bumping into it. Any suggestions?

  • What are these "tracer" events you keep talking about? What's the source?

    Anyway, your speed is set to 0 when overlapping Solid at offset (3,0) or (-3,0), which includes your slope. You might want to give your vertical walls another custom attribute or a family and check for OaO with that instead.

    As for the bouncing against the wall thing, don't know what's causing that...

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  • Apparently not

  • Okay, new version.

    Link to cap

    A lot of things are now fixed, others aren't. I've made some additions as well, such as:

    • Animations (idle, walking, jumping)
    • Support for as many skins (sprites that can be attached to the player for multiple characters) as needed for the player character
    • Multiplayer (Up to 10 players due to Construct's limits. This also allows AI to use the player object.
    • Rotation towards down upon leaving the ground (needs tweaking)

    Though, there are problems I need to address before I can continue:

    • Making the player stick to slopes at a high enough speed is something I haven't figured out yet
    • Trying to make the player not slide down a 45 degree angled slope
    • The player stops if he runs up a wall then tries to go on a slope
    • The jumping animation is somehow screwed up

    Right now, I have really no clue how to fix these.

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