Custom Platform Movement

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  • I made a custom loop movement engine thats remarkably similar to those found in MMF2 games. It features a double jump and not much else, but I figured since the topic hasn't been discussed much and only a basic movement engine has had an example uploaded, I'd upload this. Also would be nice to know if anything can be cleaned up with Construct features I'm unaware of.

    You can tweak things by modifying the variables in the red cube, like speed and mount of air jumps and the likes.

    (oh right Z to jump, arrows to move)

  • This is really well done, if anyone needs extras on platformers this is a great base.

  • Good job

    Since you asked on possible ways to clean up the events, it's only a matter of preference but I prefer to use loops based on subevents like this:

    + For "i" from 1 to count

    ----+ Condition A

    --------: Actions A

    ----+ Condition B

    --------: Actions B ...

    As opposed to the 'on loop' system you have already:

    (start loop "i" count times)

    + On loop "i"

    + Conditions A

    ----: Actions A

    + On loop "i"

    + Conditions B

    ----: Actions B

    I prefer the original system with subevents since it avoids the repetition of 'On loop', and I think it's easier to read. Also, the system condition loops (like 'for') perform much better than 'On loop', but it's a minor point when less than 10,000 iterations are run

  • Ah yes, that worked out quite well. Ah, more stuff I wish I had in MMF2. I'll add some more basic features and reupload eventually.

  • Great example and double jump FTW!

  • More stuff. Slopes, moving platforms, inertia from said platforms...

  • Great update! I might convert to this movement! I found a bug though!

    I was playing around on the up-down moving platform (second counting down from top) and I don't know what triggered it, but I fell and the platform went with me!

    *edit: try doubling jumping underneath that smae platform when it is at the top, you can indefinitely double jump!

    *the first bug: jump and press down when the platform is at the bottom of it's path. Hard to describe exactly.

  • The drop bug seems like it'd be a pain to bust. I think I'm going to change the nature of platforms to be pass throughable and to suggest avoiding situations where platforms go flush with the ceiling. Ill set a system up in my next update. It think it'll be more conventional and more useful and less buggy. The other bug was a quick fix.

    Thanks. (also down doesn't do anything, I was able to do it without it)

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  • Last little update. Fixes platforms. You can jump though platforms and press down to pass through them. You can lower your self into the platform. Not terribly desireable, but not a huge deal in my opinion.

    Now to start working the engine for my own uses. :3

  • Link ? :C

  • kayin Sorry! New here! How I do I download or look at what you uploaded?

  • The file disappeared when the forum software changed. I think the old files are archived somewhere but I have no idea how to get to them. Honestly that's super old code that probably isn't worth using anymore. It doesn't even run right on the current version of construct in case I recall.

    I'd say Custom Movement is my go-to for customized movement stuff now.

    Sadly I don't have a great way to explain to you how to do things like vertical platforms effectively but there should be some better examples somewhere for that sort of thing

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