Custom Movement Example : Asteroids

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  • <img src="">

    One event woot!

    If you have a 360 controller it's even cooler

  • looking now..

    heh, cool. gotta love that custom movement.

  • I'd love to try it out but apparently I don't have the Xbox360 plugin installed (all the files are there though)

    EDIT: Nevermind. Firefox was causing the issue. Nice job on the controls!

  • EDIT: Nevermind. Firefox was causing the issue. Nice job on the controls!

    what do you mean, and how did you fix it? i have same issue.

  • I went into Construct and Opened it from there and everything worked just fine.

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  • Whoa, one event? This is awesome. I didn't even know the .ControlState() expression existed...

    Nice job, David

  • Where did my post go?

  • I deleted it. It was just a general complaint about not being able to run 0.99.4, it had nothing to do with David's example .cap. Perhaps it was hasty of me to do so, so I apologize.

    Even so, if you have a general complaint about 0.99.4 not running, it's probably best to post about the issue in the release thread (which I see you have already done) and not post off-topic in other threads where that is not at issue.

    0.99.4 not running for some people is a known problem, no need to harp about it in places where your complaint has no bearing.

  • You need to calm down mate.

    As one of the few here who has a 360 controller, I was merely commenting on the frustration of not being able to put it to use.

    It certainly wasn't a complaint, and there would have been a winking smiley after the sentence if it wasn't for the fact that I'm using NoScript in Firefox, and I couldn't be bothered to hit the "allow" button so I could click on the smiley.

    We're all aware that the new build is marked as unstable, and coupled with the fact that Construct is free, there's no room for anyone to complain.

    You were certainly over-zealous in deleting my one sentence post.

    Apologising for your actions and then subsequently backing them up doesn't work.

    You either mean it or you don't. (rolling eyes would be here).


  • [quote:3be6ovid]You were certainly over-zealous in deleting my one sentence post.

    Yes, it was reactionary. Hence my apology. Explaining why I did it doesn't make my that less valid. Either you accept it or you don't, that's up to you.

    Any further discussion on the matter should probably be handled in PM's so as not to further derail David's thread.

  • Holy crap. I stol-- er.. borrowed my brother's 360 controller and tested this out. And wow!

    This is like the space sim I was working on a long time ago (with the physics object) which I didn't finish due to lack of analog support. Except this uses its own movement.

    Using the analog sticks to control the amount of thrust is amazing. It feels awesome to be able to control just how much force you put on the object.

    I can't wait for DirectInput support though. That way I can use my own joystick and not have to borrow a 360 controller from my brother.

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