Custom Car Movement

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  • Hi all,

    It's been a while since I've been active on the forums... but I've been working on some things.

    I wanted to share my custom overhead view car movement, made using the Physics behaviour and a single "body" for the car.

    You can easily tack on wheels or other parts for cosmetic reasons, and use the "single body" for all driving and collisions.

    There are a lot of numbers you can adjust to tweak the settings and general feel of the car. Sorry, there is no easy way to explain these until I eventually change them to variables with a descriptor. For now it will be trial and error if you wish to adjust anything. :)

    Controls are:

    W,S,A,D for accelerate, stop/reverse, and turning

    Spacebar is handbrake

    You will need Construct Classic R2 found here: FORUM LINK

    CAP file here: DOWNLOAD


  • Nice work! It's also versatile. Just a bit of tweaking here and there and it works as a top down ship simulation also. (Arr, Captain!)

    Good to see an advanced template for CC developers.

  • Hey tulamide :D

    Glad you like it. I'm still planning on improving it, and adding some variables that make more sense than random numbers scattered everywhere.

    I will notify the thread of any update, but will use the same link to replace the existing download.


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  • this is great, thanks! a lot better than what i have been able to accomplish with the physics behaviour myself. hope you can further develop this, id be very interested to see how this evolves.

    only two things that caught my eye:

    -when moving in reverse, isnt the turning direction the opposite?

    -when you move really slow,you cant turn and when you go really fast your car loses traction so that the velocity doesnt "follow" the linear direction of the front tires(like driving on ice,although i didnt try to tinker with the values,so it could be because of that). ive struggled myself with the same things and it really got me frustrated, more so that i gave up <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    but anyway, this was brilliant! nice to see people are still making these for the CClassic!

  • Thanks for the feedback clodius666 :D

    Yes you're right, the faster you go the less your tires "grip" on the front. I added this so that driving on various surfaces are achieved, but didn't spend a lot of time messing with the values to make it feel like a solid road. Kind of feels like loose dirt to me ;)

    I will be certainly working on this more, since it will be a core component of a game idea I'm working on right now with two other board members. As I add to it and improve it, I will update this example file.

    The main thing I need to do is (as you mentioned) reverse the steering for when you reverse the car, and add some variables with a label that makes some sort of sense for adjusting the driving motion easier.

    This small cap was the product of two entire days almost, of fluffing about with different ideas and techniques. I think it could be made a bit nicer using separate tire objects, but it tends to offer more problems than it's worth. I figured it would be "good enough" for most arcade feeling racing games, or games where cars are not the main focus but still need to feel "nice".

    Anyway, glad you like it and thanks again for the input :)

    Live on CC!


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