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  • Event Editor -> Start of layout -> New action -> Dropshadow -> Softer tab -> *CRASH*

    Well in fact sometimes it crashes and sometimes it doesn't so close the application and try it again if it doesn't crash.

  • Sorry, tried it 6 or so (6 times reopening Construct, not just running the app) times and it hasnt crashed for me Maybe its just Construct itself that is crashing on your computer?

  • Well I don't really know. In my computer it crashes almost everytime I try that.

    EDIT: It also crashed when I pressed CTRL + Z few times earlier.

    EDIT 2: And btw. why it creates only one shadow to one human soldier? Why don't they all have a shadow?

  • Please post your full system specs.

    OS Version:

    Latest OS Service Pack:

    CPU Name and Speed:


    Video Card:

    Video Drivers Version:

    Any other strange system activity (outside of Construct):

  • OS Version: Windows Vista

    Latest OS Service Pack: SP1

    CPU Name and Speed: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5000+

    RAM: 2GT

    Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 3800

    Video Drivers Version: 8.471.0.0 (Well it's not the newest but this version works better than the new one )

  • I've been through the steps a good 4 times now and cannot reproduce it. I also use Vista SP1, so in hopes of beating the "OMG it's Vista's fault" crowd to the punch, this appears to have more to do with your specific machine setup. Is there any more information you can share with us to help pin this down?

  • Well I have no idea why it crashes As I said, often it crashes but not always.

    But if you want I can shoot a video so that you really believe me.

    EDIT: (about 11mb)

    EDIT 2: I would like to use Drop shadow effect instead Dropshadow object but the effect is not very editable :/

  • If you are CERTAIN that it is the Dropshadow object, maybe you can do it the old fashioned way (make a "shadow" sprite and put it under/offset of the players)

    Edit: because if it isnt then it is just Construct itself that is crashing

  • Greyscale tab also killed Construct :/

    Two crashes more:

    I was in Picture Editor. It loaded a little slowly. I pressed CTRL + ALT + DEL and:

    Runtime Error!


    • pure virtual funktion call

    Now when I select my units and move them it says Out of Memory!

    EDIT: It seems the guy in the position:




    causes out of memory, but why?

  • My knee-jerk reaction is to ask you to perform a RAM diagnostic. But if none of your other running programs exhibit crashes or artifacts, then that's probably fine.

  • Other programs work very well but Construct makes some strange crashes. Today I only closed my application's tab and *crash*.

    I know this is still beta but I'm trying to help you to fix the bugs

    EDIT: Simulating PixelShader causes always crash :F

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  • Construct crashes about every time I use it about 10-30 minutes. I made a game and when I run it Construct crashed. Then I deleted all the objects and events and still the empty application crashes?

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