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  • Hi.

    I'm making an 3D engine, it's still unfinished ( no time :/ ) but now it has basic (very basic) fuctionality, for now it can add and delete polygons from list and render it, texturing for me doesnt work, whe i will have some free time i try to finish it out, now sharing the alpha of this with the construct comunity, free to use, modify, making better and more functional etc. do everything what you want :D

    About speed, it works very slowly, so dont expect that you will get large amount of polygons rendered in reasonable speed ;/.


    some explanation of instructions

    Adding polygon (it draw rectangles)


    3 - add polygon

    x,y,z - edges coordinates

    t - Texture number


    N     Distort map column and row

    1     1,0

    2     1,1

    3     0,1

    4     0,0

    polygon will get ID equal to polygon quantity

    Deleting polygons


    2- delete polygon

    ID- polygon ID

    example of adding command


    p.s there is a Cdist variable which means camera distance, at 500 you've got an fpp at lower values you've got tpp, and camera rotations work with shift pressed.

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  • It's great. I hope too see it used in a game!

  • A 3D in CC. this would be greaaaat.... <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Could you please use DropBox for file sharing.The download installs all sorts of malware when i try to download your cap.

  • Sure i can, sorry for that i haven't been here long time.

    i will put an edit with dropbox link when i upload this.

    Edit: Here is your link

    i'll try to do better list management when i do something with my addiction to minecraft :D, i think the current one is not good, and it's not good that everything is calculated by cpu, but i dont know what can i do wih that ;/

    EDIT 2:

    I'm working on PFX based on "3D Object" object, it will make everything faster and simplier, that means less calculations on cpu.


    I faced a little problem, is there any method to change path of object file for 3dobject by action, i mean the situation where application is already running?

    Will be very thankfull for answers.

  • You can use the File object to do that.

    Copy the file where you want it, then delete the original a tick afterwards.

    I'm going to take a look at the 3D Engine when I come back from school. :P

  • Thanks man, i'll see is that working, easiest ideas are hardest to get :(.


    Good news, list managing almost completed, works goes on, i managed a object problem, but adding object to project will be little complicated.

    I just want to share something :)

    <img src="" border="0">


    Unfinished but WORKING :D

    PFX 1.1

    and the object for example ( i found it in my big folder called CONSTRUCT, so i dont know who made it and from which example it comes )


    instructions is written as comment in cap.

    I forgot to say,you type in commands in by changing "console input" variable in debug

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