Collision bug or am i doing something stupid?

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  • I'm getting a fatal crash from a seemingly simple collision event. It happened both on construct v. 0.99.92 and 0.99.94

    The app crashes, seemingly at random, when a cannonball sprite hits and destroys the wall tiles. If you download and try this, you may have to restart the app a few times if nothing happens.

    please help!

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  • Here are two different ways to avoid the crash.

    First way:

    Change event 1 from "Always" to "Start of layout".

    On event 2 change the order of actions so that destroy is after spawn.

    Disable/Remove event 3.

    Second way:

    Add "Sprite6" to the family "Red".

    Change event 4 to the following:

    + System: For each Sprite6
    + Sprite6: [negated] Sprite6: overlaps Red : offset (0,-2)
    + Sprite6: [negated] Sprite6: overlaps Sprite2 : offset (0,-2)
    -> Sprite6: Destroy
  • thanks a lot! i used the second way and it worked .. i think i understand what i missed.

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