.cap example of glitchy effects with layout objects

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  • Posting an example of my .cap that I made to demonstrate the strange things going on with effects in layout objects that I asked about at Help/Tech Support.

    Note that this happens weather you make it a Modal Layout or not. Checking it and unchecking it does nothing. But try resizing the object itself to match the width and height of the layout. THEN it'll seem to work just fine.

  • I tinkered a bit with it and came to the following conclusions:

    It's not the layout that's getting resized, just the objects in the layout that have some effect applied to them. I added a sprite object to layout 2, and pushing buttons had no effect on it. If the it was the layout that was changing size, it would affect the sprite too.

    I think there's an issue with using effects on objects in a layout that is inside a layout object.

    For the record, I used version 99.2

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  • [quote:49dgvsuk]I think there's an issue with using effects on objects in a layout that is inside a layout object.

    Well yeah, I pretty much confirmed that to an extent, but... I suppose I was wondering if it was an actual glitch within Construct itself or if there was a way around it that I just didn't know of. That's a bummer if there isn't. Combined with the fact that you can't change to full screen with a layout object open, or have a screen size change without effects being glitched up, I kinda wish they would start on fixing these sorts of things first. Of course, everyone's got their OWN priorities on what should be fixed first. ^^;

  • This looks like a bug, post a bug report.

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