[bug] external event sheet bug

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  • Not sure if this bug has been reported or if it's just affecting me. I can't add an action to an event on an external event sheet (one not attached to a layout) it just crashes Construct. I can't continue work on my game due to this.

    Here is a test cap file. Just go to Event Sheet 2 and try to add an action to the existing event. It crashes when adding various actions, like setting visibility or angle of the sprite. Does it crash for anyone else?

  • My game is also stalled due to this.

  • Why not just attach it to a blank layout?


  • That would probably work as a workaround, but that would make the project bar extremely messy. I already have about 50 layouts (and growing) and Id have to convert around 20 external event sheets. Those 20 event sheets would turn into 40 assets in the project bar.

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  • This will be fixed in the next build!

    This bug doesn't exist in 0.97.5, so you can always roll back if it's keeping you.

  • Oh crap .

    I made my game engine in 97.5 with separate event sheets, then moved to 97.6 and did a bunch of work on the first layout, and now all that work is toast and I have to redo everything .

  • Thanks for fixing it Ashley. Going to roll back to .5 for now like you suggested.

    I'm in the same boat too deadeye... ah well, that's why it's a beta.

  • I... I just don't know what the hell any more.

    The strangest and most illogical WTF thing just happened to me.

    I had my latest 97.6 version open so I could reference it. I also had an older version open in 97.5 at the same time.

    I was going back and forth making sure that I was remaking everything in 97.5 with the proper sizes, variables, etc. I was about halfway through remaking everything. I saved my progress in 97.5 under a new file. Then I closed 97.5 and 97.6.

    Now when I try to open my .cap in 97.5, it says I can't. It says it was created in a newer version. So I open it in 97.6, and it's an exact copy of my most current 97.6 version.

    It's like when I saved my progress in Construct 97.5, it saved in 97.6 at exactly the same time and overwrote the 97.5 save, and trashed all the work I'd just done.

    I'm pretty certain I did not tell 97.6 to save over my file. I just closed it. It didn't even ask me to save, I hadn't changed anything in it.

    Christ... now I have to start all over again, all over again. I just feel defeated. *sigh*

  • Hotfix for those that want it.

  • Hotfix for those that want it.

    Ashley, you're awesome...

    So, I just replace the exe in my Construct folder?

    Edit: Yep, I guess so

    Seems to work pretty good, too. And here I was, almost done remaking my .cap . Well, you saved me about an hour more of remaking old work (and I don't have to use a separate version to release builds) so thank you very much, Ashley. I appreciate all the hard work you put into this.

  • Hotfix for those that want it.


    Thank you so much.

  • Awesome! Works fine for me. Thanks a lot again!

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