Bubble Ghost inspired

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  • Hey Constructors,

    I don?t know if I?m posting crap now that nobody want?s since I?m a very old fart in life but young and new to construct. I?m doing a little free game for a client to promote her website.

    I was inspired by good old Bubble Ghost. This is a stripped down cap of the base game mechanic.

    Move your cursor with the mouse. Its permanently looking towards the bubble (called EGO in my game). Press and hold left Mousebutton to blow fresh air to keep EGO away from the not included obstacles (still working on all that basic mechanic stuff).

    In my game this blowing is the basic tool to move EGO. Later you get more "forms" to activate switches, do physical puzzles ect.


    Maybe someone likes the idea to create his/her own bubbler.



  • I love the particle effects.

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  • Reminds me of one of my most cherished childhood games: Glover.

    The concept was to keep the magical ball, normally a vulnerable bouncing ball, away from dangerous obstacles, but you could use magic to transform it to different materials to solve puzzles.

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