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  • First, i want to say i like Construct a lot ! It's the best way of prototyping & making games ever. Looking forward to use python but with the many problems i heard about i'm waiting a bit and learn to use event a their best.

    Thanks for construct. Not as evident as Gamemaker cause of some strange behaviours at first but after that it's for the best.

    For the construct noob like me : Be sure to do the Ghost Shooter tutorial even if you don't care about top-down shooter and it's graphic style, I learned a lot on how to work with construct with that tut.

    Here's what i did while following this tut, no need to download the graphic pack, just make some sprite whith the editor :

    So i made another breakout clone, it's not complete at all but it work pretty good as it is :

    I guess you need Construct 99.72 to open it but here is the .cap :


    The event list :

    (Also you can see how to make confortable with construct, make sure to customize the shortcut bar as you like)

    Should be upgraded easily to manage ball better, for the moment you lose 1 life only when the first ball fall even if there are others.

    Adding a private variable in the "uberbat" that keep track of how many balls are there and substract a life when it get under or equal 0 should do the trick.

    I'm not sure if i'll continue that game but it may interest learning people.

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