Bounce theory and tutorial fix

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  • hi guys, first off i need to introduce myself, im jessie, downloaded construct 2 days ago with 0 experience in game dev, but luck has it that your AWESOME program is based on logic scripts and i just happen to have learned Q-Basic at the age of 6, lifechanging eh?

    anyways on to the point, i have a theory based on someones post about bouncing off a round object on its collision angle. would that be acheived by keeping a square mask over the round object and have it always angle towards player? with bounce attribute and some tweaks to gravity and velocity it would create the effect of bouncing multiple angles depending on collision????????

    and since this is on tutorials i figured i would provide a .cap file for lesson 1 of deadeye's platform tutorial, the new version of construct restricts the walking animation to one angle: 0, there were some conflicting scripts that i have fixed for you. and lesson 1 will now officially work PROPERLY on the latest version.

    Thanks guys for making this program and having a great community like this, i took a 1 year course in graphic design, went to tech school for CST, and ended up in the oil field with no hope of getting out, oilfield is gone here in oklahoma, and since i started using your program, my brain is working again instead of my back. THANKS!!!!

    here is a link to the updated cap

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  • thy bumpeth? XD tutorial fix!

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