Blobber + widgets.

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  • i was bored, so i decided to work on blobber a bit, since i havnt touched it in a while. i added little widgets so i could control various animations and stuff, and now im bored again so im posting this, yay.

    (it looks like not much has changed since the last update, but i have drawn up a rough story, character concepts and weapon ideas, dont worry im still working on this, just not the engine aspect atm.)


    walking with beziers n ik

    click the first button near the walk wheel to enable it, then move walk wheel to cycle it

  • The page cannot be found

  • andla: End part of the URL isn't part of the clickable link. You have to copy / paste... here is the proper link -

    quazi: that links to the terrain deformer btw From your description, that wasn't intentional?

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    terribly sorry, shoulda tested that first xD

  • mmmmmmmmm sexy


  • Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet...

    I don't think I could make something lke that. awesome!

  • awesome stuff as usual quazi

    did you say there was a zombie game in the works?

  • you ask about my zombie game, thats a top secret project currently operating in stealth mode. ok but in all seriousness, yes there is a zombie game in the works. its not really anything atm, but its on paper, and i have about 20 cap files of various planned features, notably procedural ik movement, depth of field effects, destructible zombies (yes, you heard me), blood splattering and various blood effects, explosions, procedurally generated cities(undecided), ik fighting using analogue control and all kinds of other stuff.

    i can say it will have a huge feature chest, and me and my brother (davioware) plan on it being sortof the crysis of 2d indie games (interms of being graphically awesome), but it will be equally awesome in its innovativeness as far as a zombie game can be innovative.

    itll be awesome, but im focusing on finishing at least the main character engine of blobber before i start any work on the zombie game engine.

  • you ask about my zombie game, thats a top secret project currently operating in stealth mode.

    what?1 how dare you?! tis' I who asks. lucid. was it not i who invented the idea of zombie games? was it not the thought of me that fueled your late night coding and thinking sessions?!

    there there, now be a good chap and post a cap as i have requested, lest you incur the awesome wrath of my scirra clout.

    i was totally joking, btw. and the zombie game sounds awesome. i actually have a few things im working on with vectors and procedural walking stuffs i can post a cap of if and when i get it all in working order. its nice to see someone else whos into this kinda thing. i love construct

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