Basic Math For Quasi-Realistic Space Games

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  • Hello All!

    I have been a big fan of space games since playing the original Star Control and Star Control 2 back in their heyday. With a little help from these forums, I was able to recreate a pretty similar quasi-realistic movement scheme that utilizes the physics object and a little original math to form a very controllable method of moving sprites with inertia. In the hopes that others (in addition to the project I have planned) can also make good use of this, I decided to upload it for everyone to enjoy and use.

    Art: Sprites are from the internet. Other art is made by me.


    Up arrow = Apply thrust

    Left/Right arrows = turn left/right

    Enter = Turn inertia on/off


    Being a pretty massive beginner in programming as well as to using construct, my timedeltas may be a bit wrong. If so, please let me know so that I can fix them. Thanks!

  • Does this link work?

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  • yes it does.

    Go all the way to the bottom , right hand side is the link.

  • Since you mentioned SC2 I was expecting Earthling Cruiser insted of this unknown ship ^^. I'm sure you can grab some sprites from TimeWarp.

    This engine's really good. Are you going to reprocude full functionality of SC2 Hyper-Melee fighting? It'd be nice if there was planet as well. And it's good to think about limiting maximal velocity = sqrt(velX^2 + velY^2) instead of limiting velX and velY separately.

  • Good call on those timewarp sprites. Those would work wonderfully for testing out more of the engine. I am intending to make a full function hypermelee style fighting system, albit with more of my own ship designs than ones from any of the SC games. As much as I love the SC ship designs, I dont want to rip them off TOOOO much. The planet will be added later, as I figure out more on how to make it work properly. I will also try that new block of code. That should work a lot better.

  • reminded me of Swarm, that game was amazing, you guys should try it if u havnt

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