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  • AZE is a engine that provides automatic zooming and tracing of any number of spots. It is following the concept of cameras similar to the one used by the Advanced Camera object. Any one camera always assures to enclose all spots passed to it by zooming and positioning while never going beyond the layout's borders when completely zoomed out, as long as the aspect ratios of the display and the layout match. If they don't match and completely zoomed out, AZE compensates by aligning three sides to the display and only the left or the top side goes beyond the border. At least one spot is needed per cam.


    • Unlimited number of cameras may be created/destroyed at any one time
    • Unlimited number of spots may be passed to a camera
    • spots may represent everything, a single point or a dozen of physics objects. Everything that can be represented by the four parameters X, Y, Width and Height
    • spots may be of any size, even or uneven aspect ratio
    • limit the maximum zoom to any number
    • offset to focus not exactly centered between any number of spots

    The two files differ. Auto Zoom Engine.cap is a cleaned and differently organized cap, while Auto Zoom Engine debug.cap is a documented demo. Both are fully documented on the engine itself.

    [EDIT] Damn, I knew this would happen... Two things:

    First, I forgot to mention anywhere in the documentation, that you have to set the layout AZE is working with to unbounded scrolling. (Layout Properties, tick "Unbounded scrolling"). This is done in the caps, but if you add new layouts you have to think of that.

    Second, I was playing around with local AZE sprites when I created the two caps and didn't set it back to global. It is neccessary to set the sprite "AZE" to global (Sprite Properties, Common, tick Global) Please do so before adding new layouts or AZE refuses to work.

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  • Wwooooooooooooooooo!!!


    [edit] In regards to the debug demo, I was already considering changing the display size on a per-level basis.

  • Sorry, dude, but he and I haven't had the opportunity to work with this lately.

    I'll definitely keep you posted during actual development, though!

  • Thank you partymetroid

    And to the other 88 downloaders: No comment whatsoever? Nothing to say about it? Does ist work reliably? Is it maybe not useful? Are there any errors?

  • Hey there....Any chance you could relink your Demo or CapX files....Would love to take a peek at this..

  • mystazsea

    This is a .cap for Construct Classic. If you still want it, it is available from the old site HERE.

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