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  • Waiting for Wiki access, I created a start for the Animator Bar article. I know it needs work - I don't know what the official name for the top and bottom windows are called, and I don't know what most of the Import options do, but it's at least something. If you have ideas or changes, please post them in reply.


    The Animator bar is used to create and change the appearance and animation of sprites used in Construct. By default, it is accessible on the right-hand side of the main screen as a tab between Project and Resources.

    There are two main windows of the Animator Bar. The top window shows all available animations for the sprite. The bottom window shows the individual frames found within the animation.

    =Animation Window=

    To create a new animation, right-click on the top window and select Add New Animation. The animation is created with a default name of "animation," then a number. To change the name of the animation, select it, then click on the Animation Name in the properties bar.

    By default, the initial Angle for the animation is 0 (Right). To add a new angle, select the animation, right-click on it, and select Add New Angle.

    You can create a sub-animation for the main animation by selecting "Add sub-animation."

    To delete an animation, right-click on it and select Remove.

    =Frame Window=

    In the bottom window, you can edit the frames found within the animation. When you created the sprite, the Picture Editor came up to allow you to import or create the first frame in the first animation. By default, the frames in a new animation start out blank. Double-click on the frame to re-open the Picture Editor and edit the new frame. You can also select one of the previous animations and copy and paste frames into the new animation. You also can import frames by right-clicking and select "import frames."

    The Import Frames options will open an Explorer window that will allow you to select graphics on your hard drive and turn them into frames. You can set the hotspot, flip or mirror the image, and rotate the image 90-degrees.

    In the properties bar, it will give you the option to change the speed at which the frames will be displayed. 1 is normal, 0.5 is twice as fast, etc.

    If you right-click in the frame window, you can add, remove


    By selecting the Animator Window, the main properties of the animation are displayed.

    Animation Speed: change the speed at which the frames of an animation are displayed. The number represents the number of frames shown per second.

    Loop: Select or deselect to determine if the animation plays in an endless loop or will end after it plays all the frames.

    Repeat #: If you want the animation to repeat, but don't want it to be an endless loop, use this option. The value chooses how often the animation will repeat. The next two options relate to the Repeat option.

    Repeat To: If you want the animation to repeat, but don't want the animation to return to the first frame, select which frame to start over at.

    Ping-pong: If the animation repeats, select this option to make the animation play in reverse on its next repeat.

  • I was wondering how to make an animation in Construct and this post was the only guide I could find.


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  • This is quite an old post, but the content is useful. I copied it to the wiki with some changes.

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