Animations not playing

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  • I can't figure out why my bird sprite isn't playing the animations for each instance or why it isn't playing properly. If anyone could help me out I'd be very grateful.

    The events for the bird are on the EnemyE eventsheet.

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  • I dont think i understand the question. If i run the enemy layout, the only one containing a bird. That bird is animating fine in there.

    I am not sure if its supposed to be in there at same time as the Wizard trowing things at the player.

    Your Events are not easy to read for me.

    But, it looks like the bird is avoiding itself ?

    System: Always

    BirdSet height to BirdFace 0 .Height

    BirdSet width to BirdFace 0 .Width

    BirdFaceSet position to object Bird 0 (image point 0)

    BirdAvoid moving over Bird 0

    This why it stays at a negative y ?

    Excuse me if read your events wrong.

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