Animation Finished Bug(Maybe)

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  • I think I found a bug with the animated finished event, but I wanted to run it by everyone to see if I'm doing something wrong before I submit it to the bug tracker:

    Animation Finished Bug

    When you hit the space bar, the little guy will pop out and shoot, then got back in a again. But if I hit the space bar again, he wont open up again. If I change the 10th event to "if animation "closing" is playing & animation frame is equal to 5," everything runs fine, and I can have him pop out as many times as I want. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

  • It's not a bug. It has to do with animations stopping when they're not set to "Loop." You have to manually restart them again from frame 1. See this thread for the solution.

    Edit: Err, I just remembered that he didn't post his example publicly, he just PM'd me.

    I'll try to fix up your example .cap and post the fix. BRB.

    Edit 2: Here you go

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  • Awesome! Thanks. I think this probably needs to be changed to where non looping animations are automatically changed back to the first frame after you switch to a different one, though.

  • Ashley has said a number of times improvements will be made to the animation set up. I'm sure we'll get a much better configuration eventually

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