Almost a game with no events

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  • Inspired by mipey's snow / rain demos and David's No Events stuff, I thought I'd see how far I could go with no events. Using only the particle emitter for everything but the ship (has 8 direction behaviour assigned to it so you can use the arrow keys to move) and the background of course. I was going to add 1 event and a couple of actions to do collision but found out that the particle emitter has no collision stuff... oh well. It was fun anyway!

    BTW, there's a glow shader being used for the glittery stars. Remove that shader if you have problems.

    I'm uploading to zippyshare for now until I sort out some permanent space as the attachment limit here is 256k.

  • Very nice !

    Are teh graphics yours ?

    thats awesome that you could use the particle object to have fly debree etc in the background of a game.

  • Yeah the graphics are mine. Been a long time since I did any graphics so I'm a bit rusty!

    The particle emitter is so powerful from the get-go. It's a shame there's no collision stuff for the sprite / texture... maybe in a future update we could have the option to assign that to a family... But yeah it'd be great for debris and stuff like you suggested.

  • Quite CPU intensive, though. At least it is stuttering for me...

  • What CPU do you have?

  • Nice

    It's also a little laggy for me on my laptop... 2.2Ghz Centrino Duo.

    Graphics are really nice though!


  • What CPU do you have?

    Celeron 2.4GHz

    Pretty low end, yeah.

  • Could be the huge 256x256 asteroids then. I noticed I had the timeout set to 5 - 8s on particles that were on screen for around 2-3secs. I sorted that and I'm not sure if it made any difference at all on my work machine (dual core). I'll try it on my P4 after a few adjustments and will post the results/update here. Would be nice to get it smooth on low end machines.

    Cheers guys!

  • The FPS varies between 40 and 75 on unlimited mode, stutters a bit here and there.

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  • OK after some quick experimenting.. I was getting 500-600 FPS with this version. Then I set about deleting each particle emitter one by one starting with the asteroid particles and the frame rate only went up around 50-100 FPS. Eventually I deleted the background glittering stars and my FPS shot up to 2000+! So... that emitter was causing a huge slowdown. I disabled the effects on that layer and it runs at 2000+ FPS so that's where the problem was... at least for me.

    Try removing those effects and see what your FPS is

  • Here's a new version with the effects taken off and a better use for the asteroids ... errain.cap

  • Wow, over 400 FPS!

  • Nice I knew to keep away from the shader stuff but I didn't think it'd slow things down that much. After all it was only a few particles here and there. Mind you for that glow shader, you have to add the blur horizontal shader then blur vertical before you can use it. So 3 shaders in total... I guess that's why!

  • Both links are dead :S

  • hey jiggly, please post these responses in this thread

    so jamesx can update the list in the tutorials list thread and keep it up to date. Also, if it turns out there are alot more of these, to keep the board from getting flooded with dead threads. Thanks, and welcome to scirra.

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