advanced camera bug

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  • Here I show the bind-to-layout bug in Advanced camera plugin.

    EDIT: bind-to-layout now accounts for zoom, but exhibits odd jumps upon changing camera.

    I believe the anchor for the camera changes somehow.

    I've updated the .cap for the updated plugin, changing nothing.

    Observe how the scroll behaves differently (offset half a screen downwards) and the camera jumps when changing. Go into layout and check bind-to-layout and re-run. Observe how everything works as expected now.

    The jump is observed when changing from a manually scrolled camera to a camera that tracks an object.

  • This should be fixed now. Let me know if there are any more problems.

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  • Groovy.

    Although it seems that the camera's anchor position changes from the center of the screen to the top-center corner according to whether bind to layout is checked or not, which could cause big confusion (I have an object that bounces on camera edges). Also, when switching cameras the anchor changed to the center, causing a jump before the smooth transition.

    stutter is gone though, and now it obeys zoom properly when bound to layout, so yay thx

    Let me know if you want a .cap that shows this new issue.

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