add quaziblob 2 wiki?

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  • i dunno it seems like it would be a cool thing 2 add, since its one of the first construct "techniques"

    which wasnt created using anything except built in stuff, its a cool trick and would be a cool lil tidbit for the wiki.

    post what you think?

  • I would wait for now. Maybe around 1.0 is released. It will mostly just sit there until more users start coming in, and Scirra isn't really advertising yet.

    Also, I would rename the "technique" and just give yourself credit for putting it together first instead.

  • whatever, other ppl called it that first, so its not really my name for it, but i dunno why not? names for stuff are always based on the creators name, sterling engine and all kinds of stuff like that

    oh yah lol, quasiturbine. thats funny lol

  • I would prefer to see the wiki used for explaining Construct functionality and see tutorials for individual techniques and such kept to the forums.

    Just my two cents.

  • Deadeye, if we want to keep tutorials on the forums only, we really need a stickied thread for tutorials specifically. I know the "uploads" area is along those lines, but it's not really.

    Tutorials should be commented properly in the events section, and come with a text file (with pictures if possible) which describes how to build the included CAP file. This way people who know nothing about Construct can follow a "written" example without having to know where menus are among other things in Construct.

    Personally I think it would be good to have a tutorial section on both the boards and the wiki!


  • I don't see why it shouldn't go on the wiki, and quaziblob is a pro name.

  • I don't see why it shouldn't go on the wiki, and quaziblob is a pro name.

    Hell's yes. And, that's pr0~ by the way


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  • Pr0 makes me think of pr0n ... prowfeshunol

  • i just want 2 add it 2 the wiki for the sake of ppl being able 2 see it,

    things in the uploads section get lost as they lose steam, things in the wiki are there 4ever!

    or maybe i could throw together a little tut on how its made? im over it becoming cliche, I forsee many great things developing from it, and the fact that its called quaziblob makes it soo awesome.

    its a pr0 name lol

  • its a pr0~ name lol



  • ... can't forget the sperm tail ...


  • It would be nice as an example that comes with Construct and is fully commented maybe...

  • im not sure on what there is 2 comment on tho. its a special effect, not something event based. ill probably just make it like the physics example. simple and to the point

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